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27. juli 2018
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27. juli 2018
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Dansk Rengøring – Dansk ejendomsservice

Yes, it sounds like a poster from the Danish People’s Party, but it’s far from that

However, if you are looking for  Danish cleaning and Danish property service  , you have come to the right place. Not that we do not hire foreigners, because we do if they have a high working ethic and behave properly.

The reason I’m writing this post about Danish cleaning and property services is that the industry is experiencing a big boom of especially Eastern European companies, which apparently have no running costs for their cleaning company. As late as today, I spoke with a chairman of a housing association in Frederiksberg. He was furious!

The Eastern European  cleaning company  they had employed for stairs in their association had left the entire property, and especially the stairs in a clean ragnarok. Once every three weeks they had been there and washing stairs. That’s fine, but they should have been there once a week and make  stairs . The stairs were mildly mushy, and the linoleum had begun to bump into the sides of the stairs.

I then asked about the price they gave for this “stairwash”, and it was: 500, – kr per month incl. VAT-  500, – kr.

Keep in mind that they are going out on the property at least 4 times a month, so only in transit will be difficult. Then there are costs for car, materials, tax, administration, contact with customers, etc. etc. No matter how you turn and turn it, even if they do not even pay taxes in DK, that simply can not be done. Well, if they only come once a month, they might even make it run around.

I do not say they cheat, maybe they just do not know how to do business and can not figure out simple main bills and are very hungry after work .. I do not know. But let’s do … it can not.

I would definitely not have any problems with hiring eastern Europeans, but I would make it to Danish agreements and if their offer on cleaning or  property services is  almost too cheap to be true … that’s probably the case.

So take care of your properties and your offices if you have to do an office cleaning or other cleaning.

Just a good advice, take it or leave it alone :-)

Have a great summer everybody

The best greetings

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